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…we can’t keep using excuses for our sexual misuses. We keep on saying things like “Well we got caught up in the moment,” but before that moment was ever caught, we had a minor thought process gifted to us by God called the human conscious. Where we had a tiny figment of an angel on the side trying to help us by telling us to be cautious, you need to slow down in order to stop this. It’ll soon be worth the wait, just wait. You are His solider of a son and you are forever His worthy daughter. Do you not understand that your one night stand can’t even compare to His original plan because it has so much more in store that the eyes can be blind to see, but we still made the choice to ignore. We decided to follow our out of control feelings and emotions rather than the truth and His set promises. Our hormones took over us rather than us taking over our hormones and yes, it was as if horror were coming out of our moans as it pierced through our ears, down to our hearts and eventually screaming into our souls knowing what we were doing was not God’s calling or timing, it was ours, for at least that moment…

A kiss

It’s easy to hook up, but you already know that kiss doesn’t mean anything, so why do it in the first place? It seems as if everyone has their reasons depending on the season and excuses to misuse their self-worth and sexuality. Imagine though, wouldn’t it be amazing that every time you kissed that someone, it always meant something and would eventually turned into everything? All I’m saying is that your lips are luscious and precious (haha), don’t ever downplay them. Don’t be kissing just to kiss, because then you’ll miss how special a kiss was intended to be.

The battle of a chaste man

Excuse my language but f*ck society and how it looks down upon men since like the dawn of our time because we’re trying to stay pure with our heart, soul and mind. See genuine Christian men are trying to stay chaste because we’re chasing so much more for that real truth that we know that God has in store. Which cannot be bought and is sometimes hard to see, but if we continue to fight these battles of temptations of the night it’ll soon be brought into light when we’re looking at our beautiful bride to be, as she’s dressed all in white as a symbol of her purity or reborn purity. As the choir of angels sings as we finally exchange our life promises that are embedded in our rings before God. We’ll then take a quick second to throw up one of our fingers as a f*ck you to society because this is a definition of a real man staying true, by following this virtue.

True Love Still Waits

There’s no shame in wanting to save sex for marriage even if we’re engaging in it currently or already done it. Because God forgives our sins and He makes all things new again, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to start over today aka confession. It’s an everyday choice to stay abstinent, but isn’t our future spouse worth it? Isn’t authentic love worth it? How amazing of a gift would it still be able to say “Although I fell into sin in the past, I’ve been forgiven, I’ve changed my ways for you and I’ve saved myself again entirely for this special day.” It’s still worth it. True Love still waits.

Casual Sex

I’m trying to grasp this concept of “casual sex.” If sex done right, there’s a chance of producing a baby even with protection. One main reason to have sex is to procreate and make babies. Babies are a HUMAN BEING. So people are casually engaging in this sexual act for kicks, but this act has a possibility to bring another Human Living Breathing Being in this world yet they’re doing it just to do it?! I would like to believe that sex would mean more than something causal but possibly even something special.

When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody notices, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.
 John Lennon (via psych-quotes)

(Source: psych-facts, via katelynemaee)

What if I told you I’m not who I say I am? That all these posts about God and being positive in life is only a facade that I do so well. If I told you that my lifestyle is about getting drunk, smoking weed and hooking up with girls as if it was some sort of twisted new breed type creed that I’m lost in and don’t know how to leave. If I was the biggest hypocrite in leading people on in making them think what they want to believe. If I told you I was addicted to pornography, would you look at me differently or what if I lost my virginity at only thirteen. If I told you I was gay, would you throw our friendship away? What if I told you I’m not who I say I am? Would you still show me the same love before or would you be in utter dismay that you’d turn and walk away? God loves unconditionally. We strive to be like Him but do we put limits on love?
— duarrtay
Just because the dude isn’t completely rude and he’s nice to you (on his nice days) doesn’t mean you owe him anything special, especially something sexual. It might have been consensual up front, but I want to have faith that deep down inside something was telling you you’re being objectified and you’re worth more than this. See if you start rewarding guys for how they should treat you in the first place, they’ll only do it to get something in return, but there’s no return policy for something like your respect, dignity or even your virginity. Remember, you don’t owe anyone anything.
— duarrtay
F**k the devil and the constant lies that we get spoon fed on the daily. Lord, we’re suffering, we’re lost and we’re in dire need for real Truth. Place a desire in us so that we may require that Daily Bread, so we don’t have to pretend that we’re walking around living life when we’re actually the walking dead. We’re tired of being a fool for the fallen one, we just want to have life to the full because of the Chosen One. Lord hear our prayer.
— duarrtay
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