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I don't own any of these photos unless I say so.SoCal. 22. PnW. Take the opportunities He gives you and Trust Him.
My blog is a mix of words, religion, photography
and art. I truly love it when people stop acting fake and say what's truly on their mind.
Be creative with what life throws at you and know that Jesus Saves.

Together we should desire the world to see Him through us in our relationship.

We’re lacking..

authentic Christian couples in the world. I admit there’s a fair bit that go to church together, pray together, serve together and love the world together, but there should be more. There should be more couples practicing the gift of chastity and being open in sharing their falls and victories in testimony to a sex driven, YOLO type of lifestyle. There should be more couples at mass on Sundays praying together instead of partying the night before too hung over to make it out for an hour. More couples lined up for Confession together willing to humble themselves before a merciful God and wanting again to lead the other to be the best version of themselves once again. More couples willing to volunteer within the church or community to be the example of what it means to love one another, but also to love our neighbors. I truly believe that Christian couples that have their life Christ centered in all aspects, will inspire and make a difference in so many ways. What a beautiful gift to give back to God what He has given us…

Christian couples should be aware that they are called to sanctity themselves and to sanctify others, that they are called to be apostles and that their first apostolate is in the home. They should understand that founding a family, educating their children, and exercising a Christian influence in society, are supernatural tasks. The effectiveness and the success of their life – their happiness – depends to a great extent on their awareness of their specific mission.
— conversation w/ Monsignor Escriva de Balaguer ‪
God’s silence is in no way indicative of His activity or involvement in our lives. He may be silent, but He is NOT still
— Charles Swindoll
Patience is important not only in waiting for the right time to Start a relationship, but also in allowing it to unfold at a Healthy Pace. Impatience…urges us to skip the time & attention a healthy friendship requires and to jump right into emotional & physical intimacy.
— Josh H.
If he’s not leading you towards heaven or the best version of yourself, then you must stop and think, where exactly is he leading me?
— duarrtay

Pray with Her.

Whether it be in private, public or on a picnic, there is a need for Christian men to initiate prayer within their relationships. It could be on a 1st date (that’s hot) and not to exaggerate, it could even be during a reckless moment. Strive to keep Him the main component. Set aside any pride, for your possible future bride. Don’t worry if you don’t feel qualified, she and He just wants you to simply pray with her. You are called to be spiritual leaders leading your partner to Heaven. So my brethren, are you going to take on this role, will this be your ultimate goal or will you other things sneak in and corrupt your souls. All in all, pray with her, constantly. This is what we’re called to do. It’s never too late to start or start again..

No peace in the mind, no peace in the heart,
making decisions that weren’t prayed on tearing us apart
only trust in God that He’ll light the way
and having this abundance of faith by the cross that one day it’ll all be okay
sacrificing the one I’m falling in love for the one I’m in love
on my knees praying to God to show signs from above
going to different spots, trying to connect all the dots
but the vision is a bit blurred
maybe I should trust this stir He’s placed in my heart…

No peace in the mind, no peace in the heart
Making decisions that’s tearing us apart
Trusting that God will eventually light the way
and having an abundance of faith that one day, it’ll all be okay

See, we can’t always see the big picture of things
because everything is not what it seems
but we’re so impatient, we try to fast forward all the important scenes
and what we really need to do, is just BREATH and PRAY
because one day, the entire picture will eventually be seen with our own eyes and then we’ll realize, it was all God’s plan.


…we can’t keep using excuses for our sexual misuses. We keep on saying things like “Well we got caught up in the moment,” but before that moment was ever caught, we had a minor thought process gifted to us by God called the human conscious. Where we had a tiny figment of an angel on the side trying to help us by telling us to be cautious, you need to slow down in order to stop this. It’ll soon be worth the wait, just wait. You are His solider of a son and you are forever His worthy daughter. Do you not understand that your one night stand can’t even compare to His original plan because it has so much more in store that the eyes can be blind to see, but we still made the choice to ignore. We decided to follow our out of control feelings and emotions rather than the truth and His set promises. Our hormones took over us rather than us taking over our hormones and yes, it was as if horror were coming out of our moans as it pierced through our ears, down to our hearts and eventually screaming into our souls knowing what we were doing was not God’s calling or timing, it was ours, for at least that moment…

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